"Growing matters. Growing is work. Some growth happens effortlessly and naturally. Some growth requires diligent and persevering commitment." 

About Living Tall

Living Tall was incorporated in May 2005 and has provided coaching, teaching and speaking services to individuals, couples, groups, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and coach training schools.

Living Tall client successes have included but are not limited to: identifying personal strengths, determining a career path, preparing for and finding a job, earning a promotion, starting and growing a business, writing a book, creating and manufacturing a product,  raising awareness and funds for nonprofit work, preparing for marriage and strengthening the marriage relationship, building strong teams, rewiring instead of retiring, discovering life purpose and living accordingly.

About Karen 

She is a graduate of: Young Harris College, Maryville College, Emory University and The Life Coach Training Institute. 

She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

She is an ordained United Methodist Extension Minister and an Endorsed Coach with the United Methodist Endorsing Agency.  

When she looks in the mirror at her 4'7" tall self, she is reminded she has plenty of room for growth.  She loves to read, learn, play in the dirt and plant flowers from seeds. Orchids fascinate her.  She likes to grow and she likes to see things grow.